Selling Premium Minecraft Accounts -CHEAP- Only $6

Cheapest Minecraft Premium Account
I am selling " Cheapst Minecraft Premium Account " with only $6... Official Price is $21 O.o..... but only $6 From me ... Let Purchase fast guy, Accounts have been limited !!!!

                                                                         Video Proof and Reviews

How to buy ?
1. Send Payment as Gift to My Paypal email is (Remember send Payment As Gift) $6 per account

2. After that, remember to send me email through --- In email must included your paypal's username. (To verify)

3. After that You are done and wait for me to send Minecraft Premium Account for you Via Email Message system.

How about Discount Offer ? 
  • Send me message to get Discount Offer ( only the one who purchase 5 accounts or over will qualify to get discount offer )
 Quantities: ( Accounts left For sell )

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